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PO Box 24304 | Winston-Salem, NC 27114-4304 | USA


Photo of Tammy Cooper
Tammy Cooper
VP Membership
Photo of George Wunker
George Wunker
Food & Beverage Coordinator
Photo of Karen Vohs
Karen Vohs
VP Outings
Photo of Pat Lumsden
Pat Lumsden
Treasurer, Crescent Ski Council Representative
Photo of Ken Lumsden
Ken Lumsden
Cresent Ski Council Representative, Bus Day Trips, Racing Team Director, Ski Trip Administrator, Trustee
Photo of Robyn Bilfelt
Robyn Bilfelt
Board Member at Large, SKIER Editor, Co-Webmaster, Constant Contact Coordinator
Photo of Kathy Furr
Kathy Furr
Co-Webmaster, Assistant Facebook Manager
Photo of Ken Furr
Ken Furr
Board Member at Large
Photo of Vance Parker
Vance Parker
Board Member at Large
Photo of Sharon Watson
Sharon Watson
Board Member at Large
Photo of Tree Bright
Tree Bright
50th Anniversary Celebration, Assistant SKIER Editor, Trustee
Photo of Leanne Marshall Brendle
Leanne Marshall Brendle
Facebook Coordinator
Photo of Kyle Carroll
Kyle Carroll
Racing Team Assistant Director & Comptroller
Photo of Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith
Bike and Hike Trip Coordinator
Photo of Sam Pearce
Sam Pearce